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Creating Successful
Crowdfunding Campaigns

About This Class

Crowdfunding is changing the creative funding landscape for entrepreneurs, media-makers, designers, startups, and tech visionaries. Now it’s your turn to raise the money you need for your new venture, idea, or design. Whether you’re a startup, designer, app developer, or creative media maker, these talks will help you figure out if your project is crowdfundable and show you how to develop your project, idea, or app for crowdfunding success. Whether you’re getting ready to launch or just want to learn more, this class will get you up to speed.


  • The one thing you need to increase your crowdfunding success by 80%
  • Step by step framework used by Howard to crowdfund $500k in 36 hours for his company
  • SMART goal-setting and growth tactics
  • How to get press and leverage your network for success

Saturday, 13 May 2017
13pm - 16pm EET

Coworking Platforma
Bilomorska Street 1А, 02094 Kyiv, Ukraine

Total: 950 UAH / 35 $