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General Assembly for the first time in Ukraine – About the Edtech Pioneer

General Assembly is a pioneer in digital education who is empowering a global community of students to pursue the careers they love. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology, GA is confronting the global skills gap and providing access to great job opportunities thanks to a powerful network of high-ranked mentors, top talents in their field of activity and a broad pool of hiring partners such as Google, Microsoft, Visa, L’Oreal, Conde Nast and many more.

Cooperation with a future – Unique opportunity for Ukrainian entrepeneurs

With campuses in more than 20 cities and a student community of over 450.000 worldwide, General Assembly is playing a leading role in the EdTech sector. GA has already proven its capabilities in transforming a community of learners into an army of professionals by empowering their students to succeed in an increasingly technological economy. Of its 2015 crop, three-quarters used the firm’s career-advisory services, and 99% of those were hired within 180 days of beginning their job hunt. Now, for the first time Ukrainian entrepreneurs are given the chance to extend their personal and professional development beyond national boundaries.

First set of workshops launches in April – Number of participants is limited

All workshops will be held in a live-streaming format, supported by a simultaneous translator. Coworking Platforma’s cooperation with its international partner invites a progressive community of students to help push Ukraine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem forward and build a more professional and competitive force together. Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for the first set of workshops. The number of participants is limited.

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"Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative. […] General Assembly measures its success by how many of its graduates get a paid, permanent, full-time job."

The Economist, Drew Hendricks

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"General Assembly is one of the six leading EdTech companies."

Forbes, Drew Hendricks


"Make no mistake, organizations like General Assembly and DevBootcamp will play an important role in closing America’s skills gap."

Wired, Issie Lapwosky


"General Assembly is a company that is unique because more than 80 percent of its employees are millennials, […], running large-scale operations and taking on responsibilities that would be reserved for leaders 10-years their senior at other companies."

Entrepreneur, Ritika Puri


"Entrepreneurs, job changers and just those looking to update their digital chops are fast- tracking their careers with immersion classes in programming, digital marketing - you name it - at General Assembly, a continuing education facility with a focus on marketable skills."

Inc., Michael Rovner

Howard Kingston, Co-founder & CMO of Adludio,
Top talent in UK's start-up scene

About the speaker

The first set of workshops will be lead by Howard Kingston - Co-founder & CMO of Adludio, the world’s leading Sensory Advertising Platform that creates mobile advertising for 100+ Fortune 500 brands including Nike, Unilever, Sony, Nestle, RedBull, Paypal and BBC. Adludio was named the 'Best Marketing company in Europe' at the TechCrunch Europa Awards 2016 and awarded the MoMA​ 'Best User Experience’ award.

Prior to this Howard launched a ground breaking app that grew to 20 million users in 2 years, was listed under London's 'Silicon 60' by the Evening Standard and won a Gold Cannes Lion for innovation. He is an active member of UK’s start-up and tech scene and regularly writes for the Huffington Post.

In 2012, Howard was the founding Digital Marketing lead for General Assembly in Europe and since then has helped close to 2000 entrepreneurs grow their skills and their businesses. Now, he will share his insights and many talents with the Ukrainian entrepreneurial community.

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